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Success Stories 

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Success Stories

The coaches and the management of BURN basketball academy have worked hard in grooming a large number of young boys and girls for more than a decade. Whereas a large number of those trained at BURN have blossomed into regular basketball players at school and college levels, quite a few have further matured into university and state level players. They are the success stories of BURN basketball academy. We bring to you some of those "Shining Stars" in the following pages.

Nisha Ann Reginald – A multi faceted Star

Known for her aggressive game play, Nisha has always been a mainstay of her team. Bestowed with an above average height, she has made good use of the height in changing the match situations in favour of her team. She has been among the top scorers of her team in almost all matches. But all these capabilities have been acquired by Nisha through hard work, dedication and focused training at the BURN Basketball Academy. Right from her schooling days at Sophia’s, Nisha excelled in the basketball game and was naturally spotted as a budding talent by the coaches and selectors of the game.

Her grooming at BURN Academy helped in honing her talents and excelling in performing at top level in various inter- school tournaments. It was natural that she represented the Karnataka State team sub-junior and youth girls team in various National Championships.

Nisha retained the status of a “promising” basketball star as she joined the Mount Carmel College to do her B. Com degree. She is perhaps one among very few who maintained her basketball game talent and even improved upon it as she transitioned from the youth to the seniors team at Mount’s. Again this was possible due to the basic game skills foundation set at BURN Academy and further nurtured and enhanced by her mentor Jayawanthi Shyam at Mount’s.

Nisha plans to do her MBA upon completion of the B. Com degree.

Her Hobbies:

  • Besides basketball, I love dance, music, horse riding, swimming and cooking/ baking.

Nisha’s representations in basketball:

  • 3 times Sub-junior Nationals at Pondicherry, Punjab and Tamil Nadu
  • 2 time Youth Nationals at Rajasthan & Himachal Pradesh
  • 4 times Junior Nationals at Andhra Pradesh (twice), Punjab & Rajasthan
  • 2 time Senior Nationals at Orissa & Maharashtra

Her National Level Representations:

  • Sub-junior Indian Camp, Pondicherry

Participated in:

  • Youth Indian Camp, Gujarat
  • Junior Indian Camp, Punjab

Excellence seems to be a habit with Nisha. She has a few other achievements to her credit:

  • Youth Excellence Award' by Rotary Club in 2006
  • Young Achievers of 2007 by Lions Club


Nisha’s grooming at BURN Basketball Academy

The achievements by Nisha in basketball are perhaps one among the rare ones, and she continues to get accolades wherever she participates in tournaments. When asked about the secret of her success, she gives a large amount of the credits to her basic grooming at BURN Basketball Academy.

In Nisha’s own words ……

I could write pages about BURN, that's how much of fun & experience I had here. I remember my dad calling Rajan sir 13 years back to enquire about a basketball academy advertisement that he read in the newspaper. I was so upset that he was putting me in a basketball camp. I had an obsession with tennis then, but after so many years of experience I'm so glad that nobody paid heed to my request to join tennis.

Burn Basketball Academy with all its eminent coaches didn't just teach me the nuances of the game. I learnt a lot more... I learnt about team spirit, unity, empathy, & hard work. These values are something an individual sport would not have been able to inculcate in me. The fundamentals were drilled into my mind so tactfully that even on this date I think of what my coaches thought me on 04/04/1997-the day I started my passion with the game. That was the power and efficiency of the coaches at BURN.

Everything was made fun. We never used to say, "Oh no! Now they're gonna make us run"..the games, the competitions, the quizzes about basketball legends, everything is etched in my memory because these are memories worth remembering over and over again. Every Sunday, all of us at BURN used to entertain ourselves with different non-basketball activities after practice like making chocolate fudge for our coaches, going bungee jumping together, etc.

The professionalism with which BURN charted out its exercise routine is commendable. I used to wait eagerly every Saturday to meet my friends at Cluny Convent, Malleshwaram and play. Just wearing the blue and yellow uniform was exciting. Everything at BURN still seems the same.

I will never forget the huge contribution BURN played in helping me achieve whatever little I have today. I thank everyone part of the Burn network immensely.


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