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About Us

The composition of our team, the Bharath Sports Union, is highly professional, and almost all having achieved a high level of success in sports, academics and professional areas. Most of our members are engineers, Doctors, scientists, industrialists and educators. They have a very high standing in society outside the sports arena. It is their love for Basketball and steadfast devotion to the team that inspires them to evince such keen interest in the affairs of the team and carry out its activities with single minded dedication and loyalty.

Basketball is more a hobby than a profession for all of us. All the same, we have tried to serve the people of Malleswaram to the best of our ability and intentions, by providing an opportunity to many youngsters to become good citizens by being good sportsmen.

Our Origin

Out of a challenge to a group of young men in 1953 was born our basketball club, the Bharath Sports Union. The founding fathers were Sri M. K. Narasimha Iyengar, popularly known as Nachhi, Late T. S. Nagesha Rao, Sri M.C. Krishnaswamy and Sri M. K. Thirumalachar.

Ever since its inception, our team has remained a popular force both in Karnataka and outside. From the initial period the team was full of tall and well-built players. Sri. M. A. Alwar and Nachhi were outstanding players who could have walk onto any representative team by sheer merit. Sri. Alwar, was the first player in Mysore state to use the “jump shot”. Mr. Kaufman, an American Coach, who visited India in the 50’s, picked him as the best player in the state.

The second generation of players continued the good work during the sixties and seventies, winning many trophies. The highlight was in 1976, when two strings of our club qualified for the Senior League, out of a total of eight top teams that are allowed to participate.

The significant event of the eighties was the All India Basketball Tournament conducted by us where most of the teams in the country participated. The concept of gate collection was for the first introduced in a Basketball tournament and the whole experiment turned out to be a resounding success.

In 1985, we had the distinction of acquiring the first cement Basketball court of new international dimensions in the state of Karnataka at the Malleswaram Pavilion Grounds. Here, we are pursuing our activities with vigor and vitality.     

The latter half of the eighties saw the emergence of a star-studded team; perhaps the strongest since the birth of our institution. During this period, if there was one person who stood head and shoulders above the rest for his sheer commitment and dedication to the team, it was Sri. M. J.Ramanujam. “Ramanj”, as he is affectionately known, is respected by all and his name is still synonymous with Bharath Sports Union and Basketball. The mere mention of his name elicits unmitigated enthusiasm and determination from all the team members to accomplish even the impossible. He has always led by example and yet, would be the last person to accept even the smallest word of gratitude from his own teammates. His boundless energy, unflappable spirit, unshakable faith in the highest ideals of life, unmatched efficiency and pragmatism, ceaseless perseverance and above all, his humanity and good nature, shall continue to inspire all of us.

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