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About the BURN Basketball Academy

"If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves”.   - Thomas Edison.

Every sportsman, every sports team aspires to reach the pinnacle of the game. Their dream is to win the Olympics medal. But to get there will require an inordinate effort beginning at the grass roots level.  If the youth basketball players have the will, the goals for international pre-eminence cannot be very difficult to achieve.

The BURN basketball academy has embarked on the uphill task of grooming a large number of youngsters from the grass roots level. Mentored and guided by Stan Morrison, Director of Inter-collegiate Athletics, University of California, Riverside USA, the BURN management team have compiled a training program for the youth aspiring to learn basketball. This training program is comparable with the best in the basketball sports and follows certain fundamental thinking.

To be successful in any team sport, three important factors must be present:

1.       Fundamentals

2.       Conditioning

3.       Team Esprit De Corps



A brief explanation about each of the above factors follows:


Before you can run, you must be able to walk.  Walking is a fundamental that advances you to the more difficult skill of running.  Without the first, the second cannot be realized.  The same is true in the wonderful sport of basketball.  In learning any skill, seven steps must be taken:

1.       Presentation: A certified coach should first present the skill-topic of the teaching/coaching session.

2.       Demonstration: A certified coach should then show how to execute the skill for the players to see how to do it right.

3.       Imitation: The players should then try to do the skill the same way as the certified teacher/coach.

4.       Correction: The certified coach should then make corrections to what was observed of the player.

5.       Repetition: The player should then practice the skill time after time until they can execute it correctly every time with ease.

6.       Repetition: Practice . . .

7.       Repetition: Practice . . .

Players go through a “robotic period” after learning how to do fundamentals correctly.  Simply said, they think about each item in a skill as they do it.  Unfortunately, that keeps them from playing basketball because they are too busy thinking about the fundamental instead of playing the game.  Only when a player has practiced enough repetitions, often into the thousands, can they play the game without thinking about the fundamentals.  At that point their concentration is on their opponent, teammates and the situation.  They are now playing basketball!


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