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Conditioning comes in many forms.  Endurance running of 3-5-7 kilometres is good for building the core strength of conditioning that will sustain you through the season.  An appropriately executed running style, with long strides and proper arm movement, is essential.  Jumping rope is a great conditioner and increases foot quickness which translates to effective basketball at both ends of the court.  Weight training is a conditioner that aids strength, balance, injury prevention and enhances a player’s self-esteem.  All weight training should be conducted under the supervision of a certified strength coach or trainer.  Do not lift very heavy weights.  Increase repetitions instead.  Do more repetitions instead of increasing weight.  You will avoid injury and be able to truly tone the body and handle the rigors of aggressive basketball competition and contact.  An indoor sprinting program is a must for top players and teams.  It involves intervals and form.  It also involves concentration on the first two steps which is the single most important area of focus in sprinting whether getting out on the fast break or retreating on defense.

Finally, the most important form of conditioning is mental conditioning.  The desire to compete can never be overemphasized.  No one is born as a competitor.  It is a learned behavior.  The earlier it is learned the greater the opportunity to coach/train a young person into being the best that they can be.  Competitive spirit is learned behavior too.  The desire to excel or outperform an opponent or team is essential in such a competitive sport as basketball.


Team spirit or esprit de corps is not easy to create or build when you have 10 to 15 individuals in a group.  But it is the strength of the group that is the determining factor in success, not any one individual.  Much like the hand, each finger is not particularly strong when challenged individually.  But, put those five fingers into a fist and there is very real strength.  That is what a team is about.  It is everyone understanding the mission, the goal, the vision.  It is putting the well being and success of the team above individual success.  Team esprit de corps comes from self sacrifice and doing the little things that inspire teammates like diving for a loose ball, taking the charge, blocking out on the boards, keeping a ball alive on the offensive board for a teammate to put back into the basket.  Team spirit comes from lifting a teammate’s spirits in the locker room after he or she has had a poor practice or game.  It is finding the strength and character to face your own shortcomings and demonstrating the resolve to improve and change a team weakness into team strength.

The training methodologies adopted by BURN are based exactly on the above philosophy. For more details about the methodology, click on the “Coaching Methods” sub menu option.


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