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Coaching Methods 

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BURN Announces Summer Camp - April 2015

For the BOYS ,  The Annual Summer Camp will commence from 2nd April 2015.

Please report at 4.00 pm at Bharath grounds. For further details please contact our coach Mr Manjesh – 9845270715

For the GIRLS , The Annual Summer Camp will commence  from 9th  April 2015

Please report at 4.30 pm at Cluny Convent school. For further details please contact our coach Ms Shyamala - 9632542449


BURN Basketball Academy Coaching Methods

Aims at giving systematic, scientific and advanced basketball training.

Target Group: Beginners and Regular Players

Age Group: 8 – 17 years.



  • Boys: Bharath Sports Union Courts, Opp. Malleswaram Police Station, Bangalore.
  • Girls: Cluny Convent Girls School, Malleswaram, Bangalore.



On weekends all through the year.

The Academy closes on 28th February and reopens in April every year.


Training Schedule

* Physical Training: Endurance, Speed work, flexibility, agility, jumps, exercises.

* Fundamentals: Basketball handling exercises, dribbling skills, court work, taking lay-ups, shooting skills, rebounds, fast breaks, defence and offensive situations.

* Game Play: Knowledge of game, reaction in game situations, rules of the game.

* Psychological: Mental preparation, positive thinking.


Training Methods

Practical training, lecturrettes, tests and use of visuals, discussions.



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