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Geethu’s rejection at WNBA selections – Even the small ray of hope dashed!

Man lives on eternal hope, sportsmen including basketball players are no different. We all hoped against hope, some even prayed, that Geethu Anna Jose should somehow get selected to the WNBA. If this would have happened, perhaps this would be history in the Indian basketball. But alas, poor Geethu, god is not yet ready to bless her and India with this crown. But I wonder that on one hand we all wish that our youth rise to international levels and bring glory to India and on the other hand we hardly do anything to groom, train and mentor these very youth. Just wishful thinking will not help. If at all Geethu even reached the final selection trials of WNBA, I am sure a major part of her training would be her own with a wee but support by coaches.

Look at China. They worked real hard for the Beijing Olympics and they even positioned players in NBA (Li Ming) well in advance to get the grooming. The result; top performance in the Olympics. When will we rise to such levels of planning and execution? It is not enough if a couple of US coaches are invited to conduct clinics and coaching camps for couple of months. I myself have attended a few. They are good till the time it lasts, after that we all get back to business as usual!

(Parthasarathy M. A. Bangalore.)


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